Volume 1, Track 27: Joey Levine, “Come On My Baby”

From prolific singer/songwriter Joey Levine comes a song with one of the great double-entendre titles in bubblegum history.  “Come On My Baby” opens with acoustic guitar, maracas or something, and some strange falsetto humming by Levine.  It’s built on a memorable acoustic guitar riff and swaying rhythm. The verses feature lines like:

Don’t you see me comin’ at you,
I’m coming now, can’t you see [!]
Don’t you know I’m gonna get you
Get you now, can’t you see

In fact, there’s just one verse and that’s it.  Then there’s a chorus that goes

Wherever you go, whatever you do, my my baby
I will be there to see you through, come on come on

After that, the song builds to a swelling bridge/extended outro that features Levine falsetto-screaming “come on, come on baby” in a hoarse, unhinged-sounding manner.  Piano and organ join in.  This part of the song has a girl-group feel to me, because of the echoey wall of sound and general atmosphere of swelling, turbulent emotion.  It’s like “Baby I Love You” but much more goofy and ramshackle.

This is an unusual little song.  There’s not much to it, but it’s distinctive.  The lyrics are just a bunch of meaningless code phrases that are made to seem meaningful through Levine’s impassioned delivery, similar to the way a soul singer might do.  Levine has stated that he “always thought of [himself] as a soul singer”; perhaps performances like this one are what he had in mind.  “Come On My Baby” was co-written by Artie Resnick of “Under the Boardwalk” fame.  3 stars.


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